Sarah Anne Rootert (24 yr), furniture and pattern designer, started her own studio after graduating the Royal Academy of Arts, The Hague, the Netherlands in 2018. Her first collection ‘Amboina’ was in fact a result of her graduation project. It explores the South Moluccan culture, the Indonesian region her family is coming from.

Motivation & Art Deco

Sarah Anne Rootert brings history to life by applying cultural elements in her crafted designs. Her motto is ‘The past has still a lot to share with us’. She truly believes that the traditional will make a come-back and grow into a worldwide trend. Currently she is at the cradle of this trend with her graduation project ‘Amboina’.

‘The past has still a lot to share with us’

Her fascination for Art Deco was triggered by exploring all of its exotic and unusual materials in the purest form. She got inspired by the image of luxury and refinement in combination with craft traditions. The decorative art was for her a starting point to tell the story of her Moluccan cultural heritage by using a modern reinterpretation on the craft of marquetry.

The Collection

‘Amboina’ consists of a set of three tables. The tabletops are decorated with marquetry patterns inspired by Art Deco and are manually inlaid. The patterns refer to different cultural aspects such as geography, semiotics community, flora, fauna, history, and politics. These aspects are also reflected by abstract symbols. Their importance is indicated by the position and scale within the iconography of the patterns. The use of distinct materials such as wood, marble, and brass, add to the cultural values.

Ms. Rootert

While growing up Sarah Anne has always been fascinated by the details within interior design. After graduating high-school in a small village in the Netherlands, she started interior studies at the Royal Academy of Art in The Hague. Her interior studies at the art academy, mostly materialized in refinement on the smallest scale. This is what made her to decide to work as furniture designer, after having experience in interior design. As furniture designer she is able to combine her passion for craft, culture and design. Right now, she is exploring how to convert all her new ideas into end products. Please contact her directly if you wish to know more: info@sarahannerootert.com.