For the first time in his life, the famous Chinese artist Ai Weiwei designs and realizes a solo exhibition in his home country, following the entire project from conception to realization in situ. For that, the Gallery Continua in the 798 Beijing art district had to break through the walls of the gallery to the neighboring gallery Tang Contemporary Art to fit the resurrection of a Wang Family Ancestral Hall (Wang Jiaci).

With a 400 year-long history, the Wang Family Ancestral Hall has changed innumerably with the time. It has held over centuries its various functions, attributes and values. As an art-installation it is a debate between change and perpetuity: one that settles at neither one thing nor another.

Today Wang Jiaci is the hub to Ai Weiwei’s monumental project. An ancient building was disassembled into more than 1500 pieces and rebuilt in the two galleries. The exhibition was curated by Cui Cancan.

June 6th – septmber 6th, 2015.

AiWeiWei Through The Wall from OBJEKT INTERNATIONAL on Vimeo.