Barde + vanVoltt

Amsterdam based design studio Barde + vanVoltt was asked to create a workspace for Ace & Tate’s brand new office that naturally drives ambition, stimulates creativity and disruptive thinking and at the same time feels like a place where you want to hang out. Thanks to a natural fit with their client, Barde + vanVoltt teamed up with the in-house retail design team and framed a perfectly fitting design.


“A key mission for the interior was to amplify employee’s quality of work life by ensuring balance. This mission was realized through elements such as versatile social space, a playroom for down time as well as vibrant workspaces with tons of natural light.”


Located in the eastern part of Amsterdam, Ace & Tate’s new headquarters originally used to be a garage, thus causing especially the ground floor to be quite dim. Restoring the original light shafts and adding huge patio doors on the dark side of the building, allows more natural light to flow into the space. As for the design of the office, Barde + vanVoltt bore in mind the working method of a fast growing, ambitious and young company resulting in inspiring surroundings where interaction is stimulated just as much as silence and privacy.

Bespoke furniture: Kluster

Mural art work: Ace & Tate

Neon artwork: Neon Design

Photography: Wouter van der Sar