‘Aru Kuxipa | Sacred Secret’ is the tittle of a special project by Brazilian Artist Ernesto Neto curated by Daniela Zyman at TBA21 in Vienna. In collaboration with Kunsthalle Krems from the 25th of June till the 25th of October 2015.

The collaborative journey that the Brazilian artist Ernesto Neto, the  Amazon’s indigenous community of the Huni Kuin, and TBA21 have embarked on, marks a crucial extension of the concerns that have been evident in Neto’s oeuvre over the past 20 years: a celebration of the sensuality of being, the unity of bodies and nature, and a longing for spiritual vision. Neto’s collaboration with the Huni Kuin people unfolds as an pioneering experiment, establishing a zone of encounter with our “ancestral futures” and an investigation of the teachings of plants and the spiritual nature of objects. This is TBA21’s latest artist-centered initiative of commissioning interdisciplinary and unconventional projects devoted to social and environmental concerns.

Along with the exhibition there will also be a symposium on “the rise of the Phyto Age” giving further insight on the tribe secrets, focusing healing, curing, traditional Amazonian medicine, and traditional European practices—on ethnobotany, cultivation, and the teaching of plants.