Monaco Yacht Show 2018

Not only a well known staple amongst Mediterranean cruising grounds, the Principality of Monaco itself has long been the destination of choice for super yacht ... Read More.

Reflections of Water

“This home highlights the indoor/outdoor livability that the client required. It is totally old school. This is the way people lived in the past. At the sa... Read More.

The Barn on Lopez Island

Who in their right mind chooses the challenge of building a sustainable design waterfront guest house on an island with limited resources? James Ferris & Caroline Di Diego, Principals of Inclinedesign, Nevada did. They build the guesthouse and ga... Read More.

The Art of SolidNature

“When we see a stone, we see a frozen snapshot of life over 400 million years ago, to its present day. We see its unique character. We see the veins pumping. We see infinite possibilities. This is how we inspire architects and designers: to see the b... Read More.

 the New Hotspot in Istanbul

Eye-D designed by Ofist, Yasemin Arpac & Sabahattin Emir, in Istanbul, is a multi purpose venue. It's a blogger spot, a meeting point, an art gallery, a coffee shop or a music venue. More importantly, it is a space based upon human experience. A ... Read More.